CBT 200LA-1 Line Array Column Speaker

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Product Overview

The JBL CBT 200LA-1 Line Array Column Loudspeaker uses JBL Constant Beamwidth Technology designed to provide true wide-band constant directivity coverage up to the highest frequencies and reduce out-of-coverage lobing. The speaker's assembly consists of a top and a bottom module that, when bolted together end-to-end, form a 32-driver array that is 6.6' (200 cm) tall. The speaker can be used for facilities requiring especially long throw or pattern control down to very low frequencies.

The adjustable coverage capability enables the vertical coverage to be switched independently for each of the speaker modules, allowing for higher sound levels to be directed towards far areas of the listening area, leveling out the sound pressure level differences from front to back within the listening space. The adjustable voicing switch can be toggled between music and speech settings depending on who or what is being projected to further enhance and complement the sound.

The weather-treated driver cones, shielded magnets, and butyl rubber surrounds protect the sound components from outside elements. The speaker's enclosure is made from fiberglass reinforced ABS for outdoor applications.


  • Music/Speech settings for adjustable voicing
  • Vertical pattern coverage switchable between 30° and 15° for medium or long-throw coverage
  • Asymmetrical Progressive-Gradient vertical coverage setting directs more sound toward the far area of the listening space, making front to back sound levels more consistent. Progressive-Gradient extent is adjustable.
  • Built-in 70V/100V transformers, plus direct capability.
  • Copper capped pole pieces for lowering driver inductance and flux modulation
  • Butyl rubber surrounds for protection in high humidity environments
  • Weather-treated drivers with fiberglass reinforced ABS cabinet for outdoor use
  • 28 M6 insert points on back panel of device for mounting


CBT 200LA-1 Spec Sheet

Warranty Information

5 year parts & labor


(No reviews yet) Write a Review