Countryman DT10 Direct Box

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Product Overview

The Countryman DT10 DI box is the ideal counterpart to our classic DT85, combining the exceptional ruggedness and versatility of the Type 85 with an advanced design that sets a new standard for pure performance. Most direct box designs must make difficult trade-offs with your sound: ultra-low distortion can only be attained by increasing input noise; true ground isolation means high phase deviation or signal attenuation. TheDT10 takes a radically new approach, with an analog circuit that tunes itself to deliver your sound with the lowest distortion, lowest noise, and highest accuracy of any direct box. The result is a clean, precise sound that is completely faithful to the original.

The 1st choice of touring professionals worldwide.  All inside electronics are encased in an epoxy block.  You can run over this DI with a truck or throw it across a stadim floor and it still works.  Hands down the BEST Direct Box made.

DT10 Data Sheet

DT10 User Guide