CX204V Four-Channel 70V Power Amplifier

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Product Overview

The QSC CX204V amplifier is designed for 70V commercial applications such as restaurants, retail outlets, performance halls, houses of worship, sports clubs, gymnasiums, pubs, and more. The amplifier uses powerful PowerLight switch-mode power supply technology for high-performance and compact size. The two HD15 DataPort connectors (one per channel pair) allow for Q-SYS networked control and monitoring.

The output section features a Class-AB architecture with bipolar circuitry. The amplifier offers full protection from DC, infrasonic & ultrasonic, thermal overload, and short circuits. Automatic current limiting protects the amplifier from damage until the short is corrected. The DC protection systems prevent loudspeaker damage in the unlikely event of an output transistor failure. DC voltage from the power supply is never passed directly to your speakers, even in case of an output circuit breakdown.

The rear panel provides detachable Euro-style input connectors and a six-position barrier strip with dual-channel and bridged mono connections. There are DIP switch controls for clip limiters, bridged mono, and parallel operation, as well as selectable high-pass filters which offer 50 and 75 Hz settings and protect against speaker transformer saturation with minimal effect on program material.

The unit can directly drive 70V distributed loudspeakers in mono or stereo modes. Comprehensive front-panel indicators offer user feedback for signal, clip, bridged mono, and parallel input LEDs. The QSC CX108V ships with a power cord and a security plate.


  • Compact size — only 2 RU and 14" deep for reduced rack cost and floor space
  • Bridgeable channels 1 + 2 and 3 + 4, for maximum flexibility
  • Active inrush limiting eliminates AC inrush current, removing the need for expensive power sequencers
  • HD15 DataPort connector for Q-SYS networked control and monitoring
  • Custom integrated security cover for tamper-proof installations
  • Variable-speed fan for low noise
  • 1-dB detented gain controls for fast and accurate gain settings
  • Detachable Euro style input connectors
  • DIP switch control for clip limiters, high pass filters, bridge mono and parallel operation
  • Exclusive PowerLight switch-mode power supply technology for high performance and compact size
  • Selectable high-pass filters protect speakers and prevent speaker transformer saturation with minimal effect on program material (50 Hz or 75 Hz)
  • Comprehensive front panel indicators including signal, clip, protect and QSC's exclusive bridge mono and parallel input LEDs
  • Barrier strip output connector
  • Comprehensive protection circuitry including DC, infrasonic, thermal overload and short circuit protection
  • High-performance Class AB+B complementary bipolar output circuitry
  • Lightweight—all models only 21 pounds (9.5 kg) for easier racking and shipping
  • 3-year warranty plus optional 3-year extended service contract

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3 years parts & labor