Energy 4 Battery Charger

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Product Overview

Ansmann Energy 4 Battery Charger replenishes one to four AA or AAA cells and one to two 9V cells. It will charge batteries of different sizes and chemistries concurrently in individually-monitored channels, which feature LED status indicators. The unit also performs a quick capacity test when cells are inserted, and initiates an automatic refresh function when it detects batteries that need it. Additionally, the charger identifies faulty or damaged cells, alerting you so that you can remove them.

The Energy 4's advanced microprocessor utilizes negative delta V control, automatically switching to trickle charging or cutting off the current entirely to prevent overcharging. The unit runs on 100-240 VAC power to allow for use all over the world, and comes with all four primary plugs to cover various regions of the globe, including North America, Central America, Japan, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia.


  • Charges 1-4 AA/AAA Batteries
  • Also Charges 1-2 9V Cells
  • Refresh Function
  • LED Status Indicators

Warranty Information

3 year warranty