Powerline 4.2 Pro Battery Charger

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Product Overview

Ansmann Powerline 4.2 Pro Battery Charger is a multifunction Charger for 1- 4 AA or AAA NiMH cells. This completely programmable charger will charge, refresh and test cells individually. It provides a true digital read-out of capacity of individual cells in milli-amp hours so you always know how much battery life is available. Variable refresh function for optimum battery life. Also includes 1 Amp USB charger for smartphones and USB devices, Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, etc.

The unit runs on 100-240 VAC power to allow for use all over the world, and comes with all four primary plugs to cover various regions of the globe, including North America, Central America, Japan, UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Europe, and Australia.


  • Adjustable charging currents from 400 - 1800 mA
  • Capacity measurement in mAh for each cell
  • 4 selectable charging programs, intelligent auto cut-off charge function
  • LCD Display fo Voltage, current, capacity and time
  • Individual supervision of each cell, trickle charge, faulty cell detection
  • Large footprint and display screen

Warranty Information

3 year warranty